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Book Release Party

David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary
November 12, 2012

This weekend, Ellen and Ian Graham held a reception for more than 70 guests to view Ellen’s photographs including those from her recent book “Talking Pictures.”

Among those perusing Ellen’s portraits were Margo Langenberg, Couri Hay, Carmen Dell'Orefice, Adolfo, Nicholas Mirzirants, Jamie Tisch, George Farias and Alison Mazzola, Judith and Ward Landrigan, Ann Nitze, Tom McCarter and Francine Scaife, Walter Noel, Mia Harrison, Ann Sitrick, Guy and Sarah Peyrelongue, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Laura Montalban, and Alexis Graham.

Ellen Graham and Adolfo.

Jamie Tisch and Princess Olga of Greece.

Alexis and Ellen Graham.

Ward and Judy Landrigan.

Carmen Dell'Orefice and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia.

Walter Noel and Mai Harrison.

Carmen Dell'Orefice and Ian Graham.

Vanessa Peyrelongue, Florence Peyrelongue, and Guy Peyrelongue.

Ann Nitze.

Guy and Sarah Peyrelongue.

Laura Montalban.

R. Couri Hay and Margo Langenberg.

George Farias and Alison Mazzola.

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